It was Lee and Gaby’s wedding yesterday at North Haven Country Estate. It was a really emotional day… Gaby and her bridesmaids had tears while getting dressed… and Gaby, who is a teacher, eventually did her times tables to calm down! But as soon as she walked down the aisle and joined her husband to be… those tears just stopped 🙂

Gaby and Lee met in 2004 in high school, and their story was written into a newspaper that was given to the guests to read while we were doing the creative photoshoot.

There were a few things I have to mention about the day apart from the emotional start and the newspaper. I loved the cake with the doggy toppers! They have a little family of daschunds at home, so this was their way of getting them included in the occasion. Oh and the bonsai! The rings were placed on a bonsai during the ceremony… with a little wire sheep underneath, because Gaby has a thing for sheep.

I loved being a part of the day 🙂 because I’ve known them for many years. They’re my sister’s friends and my brother-in-law was the MC for the evening! And if you’ve been following my blog for a few years, you may also recognise one of the bridesmaid’s and one of the groomsmen, as I took photos at their wedding too.















Oh I love these! I think they’re my all time favourite bridal portraits!




How special is this? It’s not often that a dad wipes away his daughter’s tears before the ceremony!













































Second photographer: Lerika from Lika Photography
Venue: North Haven Country Estate
Videographers: Studio Memoir
DJ: Cream Cheese


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