Evas and Siloka met me at Delta Park yesterday afternoon for their engagement shoot.  They sure travelled a long way too!  Evas lives in Harare, Zimbabwe and Siloka lives in Lusaka, Zambia and they flew to Johannesburg especially for their shoot this weekend!! I feel so very privileged that they wanted me to take their photos.

Just as I started, Siloka told me that he wasn’t photogenic… well… I disagree, don’t you ? :)  what a gorgeous couple!! They were so easy to take photos of, and so very game to traipse around the park.  We walked a very long way to get the photos :)

When Evas was telling me about the wedding venue they chose, and that she’s not too partial to very green backgrounds, I knew that we’d chosen the right location for their shoot.  Yay!

They’re getting married at the end of this year in Zimbabwe, and we took some “Save the date” photos for them to use for their wedding preparations… and no, they’re no in this blog post 😉  But what is in the blog post, are a few of the photos I took with Evas ring and the 2 page, beautifully hand-written proposal letter that Siloka had written her.  Now that’s special!





































  • samantha masuku

    awww Evas my friend. this is the first website i logged onto as soon as i got to work. beautiful snaps. dont listen to siloka Jeanette, he is very photogenic :). i see and appreciate the love that you guys share and thank you miss J for bringing it out so well. wish you all thye best.

  • slyvia michelle manhombo

    evas shaa u look so beautiful, ndatenda hangu God is faithful. you guys look soooo amazing.

  • Lloyd Taadira

    Amazing photos, all the best….

  • This is great work . Quality pictures that’s what you provide

  • Awww, isn’t she a beauty and Sil is the opposite of ‘not photogenic’ . This is a perfect engagement shoot

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