This was a first for me… I’ve never done a matric dance photoshoot before :).

I met Xana and Devin and their families yesterday afternoon, at The Farmhouse guest house in Linden before their matric dance.  They were meeting up with friends for pre-dance drinks, and I did a lifestyle portrait shoot with them in the grounds of the guest house (and their families), while another photographer took photos of all the other friends and the main group photo. Thankfully the other photographer didn’t see what I saw in the grounds, and Xana and Devin’s photos look very different to the rest.

Xana and Devin’s matric dance was held in the school hall at the De La Salle Holy Cross school in Linden.  One of the traditions at the school is the red carpet event that welcomes the matrics to their dance.  Crowds start gathering an hour before the matrics arrive, and each couple gets to walk down the red carpet past the cheering crowds 🙂 what fun!!  Jane (Xana’s mom) asked me to capture that part too, in a more photojournalistic style.

Hope they enjoyed the rest of their evening… I was pleased to get into my warm car after that icy cold wind that was whipping around the school!


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