March 03

Roz booked this photoshoot with me after finding my blog via Google.  And I didn’t recognise her name during our email conversations.  So imagine our surprise today, when they got out of their car at the parking lot in the park, and we realised we actually knew each other! Little Bethany was in my son Connor’s class last year 🙂

That worked out quite well!! Bethany knew me, so it was relatively easy to get her to relax for the shoot… and Aiden, her brother, was clown throughout and was so awesomely bouncy and energetic 🙂  I had a ball… and of course how could I resist their little 9 month old baby brother, Warwick’s gorgeous dark eyes!

The kids were such good sports today actually, and were willing to get their bums and feet wet for me to take the photos I wanted.  The grass was SO very wet this morning in the park!

  • Wow – gorgeous photographs !!! .. and Bethany (!) she’s such a beautiful child, so gentle and happy. Lovely to see her with her beautiful family!

    To her Mom .. Bethany played a part in my recovery from my breakdown – everyday she would give me a hug! Her smiling face and the gentle touch of her hand – she’s very special. You are lucky to have her as a daughter – Connor’s Granny

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