January 20

It was dreary and cold and rainy and to be perfectly honest, a completely miserable morning to do a photoshoot, however, Monique and Byron were still game for their shoot today.  I met them this morning bright and early with big plans, but the weather dashed them most of them… so we decided to do some photos in the old station in Newtown before setting another date for the rest of their shoot.

I’m telling you, this couple are amazeballs… not many people will trudge through sludge like I made them do this morning to get into the station 🙂 but I like what we did… and I cannot WAIT for part 2 of their shoot in a few weeks time, we’re going to have so much more fun when we’re not cold and wet 🙂




  • What a cute couple…and look they’re in “uniform”!

  • Lovely photos

  • Natalia Stipcevich

    Hi, could you pls send me your wedding brochure indicating the different packages available for my wedding in October 2014.
    Could you also tell me whether you have photographed at Avianto ?

    Kindly also advise how much you charge for an engagement photoshoot.

    Thank you.

    Natalia Stipcevich

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