November 18

I was thrilled to get asked to take photos of Mandy and Andrew’s family again.  We chose Delta Park for the location again, because I wanted to use a completely different part of the park compared to their photoshoot last year.

They brought their dogs, Boris and Amber, along for the shoot, and they had a ball… much to their delight, they were let off lead today, so went racing around and were eventually shattered enough to be calm for photos with the kids 🙂

OK, on with the photos…

I love this tree!! I can’t get enough of using it for family shoots, especially at this time of year.

And I’m thrilled that Lance and Kiara were happy enough to trek to this part of the park, because it was well worth it… the light was beautiful!

And at the very end of the shoot… the graffiti walls… a nice shady cool spot 😉

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