January 04

My word for 2012 is CREATE.

I’ve been toying with the idea of a project for this year.  I’m not sure I’m ready to commit to another 365 project, or in this year’s case, a 366 project. But I do want to take more real photos of our life.  I don’t want to do another Just Boys Project like last year, because I want to be in the photos this year… I’m determined to do self portraits this year.

So, I think for now, I’m going to call this “Every Day” (Alex Beadon explains her version of this project very nicely), and whether I take photos every single day will remain to be seen and I’m not going to beat myself up if I don’t do it 😉 I’m not going to stick to one camera either… I’m going to use my DSLR and my iPhone and whatever other camera I get to use during the year.  So it’s a much more fluid project, but my aim is to push my control issues and not to make the kids pose or give them instructions before taking photos, and rather to be a spectator and participant.

I also have quite a few things planned for the next month, and I think that this project will allow for that and other things that I do during the year.  I’m doing a boudoir workshop at the end of the month with Yvette from Innovate Photo.  I’m also doing a month long Lifestyle style online course through Brooke Snow… to push my boundaries and grow my style.  And that’s just the start… I’m determined to grow this year.

So, for my first photo of the project… taken yesterday… Connor and his favourite toys…



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