May 08

Bradley had his birthday party today.  We invited a few school and home friends to join us for a game of  Ten Pin Bowling at Brightwater Commons and then for lunch at the Spur.

The kids had a blast.

They all enjoyed the bowling even the littler ones.  But there were a few lessons learned.  If I did it again, I would make sure that all the bigger kids were playing in one lane, and the littlies in the other.  That’s because the littler ones gave up very quickly, and the bigger ones couldn’t really play properly, and they kept having to play for the others just to get the board moving.

And as for the Spur… to have a kids party there is so NOT relaxing for the parent.  It’s far more stressful than doing it at home!

But the party was for the kids, and Bradley loved it… so it was all worth.

I’m not doing it again though!

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