November 15

Cousins, Lance and Lori, had a joint barmitzvah and batmitzmah celebration last night in Savoy, Johannesburg.  Lori, was one of the girls whose bat mitzvah ceremony I took photos at last month; and she finally got to celebrate it with her cousin, Lance, whose barmitzvah ceremony was yesterday morning.

And what a fun event it was, with  much dancing and laughter… and stacks of excellent food!  I really struggled to choose photos for their sneak peak as I’ve got so many good ones, and I’ve spent the last while giggling to myself while looking through them all.

Instead of showing you all the standard family portraits and speech photos, I’m going to stick to the fun ones, to give you a taste of the evening.

During the evening, people left messages on these puzzles of Lance and Lori made from portraits that I’d taken of them at the batmitzvahceremony

Signing Lance puzzle

The party started with a pair of bagpipers who played a few songs with the band, and kicked the dancing off.


Dancing to bagpipes

… and then the party really started with the traditional dances and chair lifting etc etc

Arm in arm

Chair lift

Lori mid air

The singer got out a piece of cloth used as a skipping rope…

Jumping high

Ok, here’s one photo that doesn’t involve dancing… Lori was listening to one of the speeches

Listening to speeches

… and back to the fun…


Lori joined the band up on stage too

Lori joins the band

Step in time

Father and daughter

Lori mid dance

Everyone got given fun hats and wigs  just before the dance floor started rotating… yes, you read that correctly… it was seriously moving around like a roundabout. And then to top it off… they stopped it and then it started rotating in the opposite direction!

Lori and Lance

Friends having fun

Fun on the dancefloor

The boys

And that is all for now… I really had a ball, and loved the experience.  Thanks for asking me to take the photos

Venue:  The Capri Hotel, Savoy Estates

Music:  Jonathan Birin Band

Videographer: Arnaldo Mandel

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