Family portrait and wedding photographer based in Johannesburg

Relaxed, natural photos captured on location

Welcome! I’m Jeanette. I’m a location-based lifestyle family and wedding photographer, based in Johannesburg. I specialise in weddings, events and family portraits that are natural and full of colour.

Photography has always been a really important part of my life. Not only in the photos I’ve taken of my own family, but the photos that my mom took of us when we were growing up. I believe that capturing moments in time are so important… my kids love paging through our family albums (yes I do design and print one every year).

My favourite kind of a photoshoot is one where I’m able to capture what each person is about. My favourite photos are the ones that reflect the real relationships and love between people. I love the moment when I know that I’m “getting” that connection.

I do photoshoots on weekends in Johannesburg and around South Africa (and I also do destination weddings outside SA).


My latest work

Estiaan and Asher’s maternity shoot in the CBD

Estiaan contacted me a few months ago to book a surprise maternity shoot in the CBD. Asher did tell me while we were walking around that he had to tell her in the end because she needed to get organised for it. But, hey, how cool is that?! I think that's a first for...

10 month old Asher and his family at home

I met 10 month old Asher and his family at their home in Sandton yesterday for a family photoshoot. The occasion was Grandad Renney's birthday! The star of the afternoon was definitely Asher. It was such a natural photo session because we just followed what he wanted...

Lewis family photo session in the pine forest

Denice contacted me recently to organise a family photo session in the pine forest. It was 5 month old Logan's first photoshoot! I always smile when I meet people at the pine forest for the first time. Everyone is always surprised by the size of it. It's really a tiny...


A Big Thank You for the beautiful photos. The day has been captured with such warmth and happiness.  We were wowed by our Couple photos! wow wow – they are such stunning photos! Thank you for capturing the joy of our Big Day, capturing our wedding day in the most beautiful way and in perfect mood and tone.

Cydne and Clayton

We cannot thank you enough for the incredible photo’s! You are really amazing!
These are memories that we will treasure for the rest of our lives.
We really enjoyed doing the shoot with you and are blown away by your professional service.
Pienaar family

You truly captured the essence of our incredibly fun, exciting, amazing and beautiful Wedding Day! and I will forever be eternally grateful to you and am so happy that you were the one to capture all these special memories for us!!!

Robyn and Mark